water bottle cooler

Water bottle coolers are an excellent option for businesses, as they provide employees with a convenient way to refill their water bottles. They are also an environmentally friendly solution, since they eliminate the need for bottled water delivery.

The first thing to consider when choosing a bottle cooler is capacity. This will depend on how often your business will use the cooler and the number of bottles it accommodates.

If you have a small or medium-sized office, you may want to look for a model with a larger capacity to help prevent the need to refill water jugs too frequently. On the other hand, if you have a large space that needs to be outfitted with water dispensers, you may need a model with a smaller capacity.

You’ll find that most dispensers come in two types, top loaded and bottom loaded. A top-loaded model uses gravity to dispense the water, while a bottom-loaded option uses pump technology to pull the jugs up to the dispenser.

Top-loaded models tend to be the least expensive type, although you can also find more expensive options with a variety of features and functionality. Some of these models have additional options like self-sanitizing, which can make cleaning the machine easier.

Some dispensers also have temperature control settings, so you can choose between cold, warm or room-temperature water for a particular task. Some have a filter change indicator light, which is helpful when you need to replace the filters.

Another feature that some water dispensers have is a night light, which makes the unit more visible at night and can be useful for employees who may not be able to see it. It’s also a good idea to get a dispenser that has an empty bottle indicator light, as this will alert you when it’s time to fill up the jug again.

There are also dispensers that dispense hot or room-temperature water for cooking, drinking, and other uses. Some have a hot-water safety lock, which is especially beneficial for parents with young children who are worried about scalding.

Aside from aesthetics, a water cooler should have features that will make it easy to use and maintain. Some features include a self-sanitizing function, which can reduce the amount of water spout and cabinet cleaning that you have to do.

You’ll also find dispensers that can dispense sparkling water. These can be a great option for businesses that don’t have time to wait for bottled water, or for people who are looking for an alternative to traditional sweetened beverages.

Some bottleless models have a filtration system that removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and other contaminants from the water supply. They also have touchless activation features and antimicrobial spigots, so you can dispense water without having to worry about bacteria growth.

Most bottleless coolers are designed to be placed in a room near a point of use (POU) water line. They’re also more portable than top-loading models, so they are suitable for homes and apartments that don’t have the space for a full-sized model.