water dispenser rental

A water dispenser in the workplace is a great way to keep employees hydrated and happy. It also helps reduce waste from plastic bottles, which account for 80% of the world’s waste. However, the decision to invest in a cooler is not always easy – should you buy or rent? The answer depends on your business needs.

Buying your own machine has the advantage of a lower upfront cost and greater control over aspects like maintenance, but it also comes with responsibility and commitment to schedule regular servicing to ensure it remains safe and clean. GFS Innovation offer a wide range of both freestanding and countertop bottleless water dispensers for rent, allowing you to select the right model for your business. For example, you can choose a crock or wooden stand that allows you to serve water at room temperature, or a point of use (POU) water dispenser which is plumbed into the mains, eliminating the need for bottled water deliveries and storage.

POU water coolers are the best solution for the environmentally conscious, as they are connected directly to your building’s water supply. This eliminates the need for bottles, and reduces the associated costs of bottling, plastic packaging and labels, transportation, and manpower. Water cooler rental from Quench offers a sustainable and affordable option, with low monthly rates.

The bottom line is that both options have pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh up your needs and budget before choosing which route to take. If you’re unsure which option is best for your business, we recommend reaching out to a specialist who can advise on the benefits and costs of each option. Whether you opt to buy or rent, the key is to make sure your employees are well-hydrated and happy in the workplace. For more information, contact a Quench advisor today.