water bottle cooler

A water bottle cooler offers a convenient and quick source of filtered, purified drinking water. The machine is often placed in a high traffic area like the office breakroom or residential kitchen. However, the popularity of this appliance is changing as more people are learning that bottled water can cause significant harm to the environment and doesn’t provide as clean, hygienic water as some would like to think. In response to this, the majority of newer water dispenser models are bottle-less and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Bottled water coolers usually hold two to five gallon jugs of water that are tapped from a spigot on the front of the unit. Some models can also dispense hot water for instant tea and coffee. A lid is tipped up over the jug to prevent spills and a lever or button is used to activate the cooling and heating processes when it’s time to refill. These machines require a large amount of storage space, so they are best for high-traffic areas in homes and offices where a lot of use is expected.

Most modern bottled water coolers come with an option for sparkling water due to the rising interest in healthy living. This option allows you to make a carbonated drink by putting the water in a mixer tank and adding CO2. The mix tank is located inside of the bottled water cooling tank and the water from the jugs are mixed together before being dispensed. This type of cooler is great for the office and other busy areas where a wide selection of drinks may be needed.

As the environmental impact of bottled water solutions has become more well-known, many workplaces are switching to bottle-less options. These are called point-of-use water dispensers and they’re plumbed directly into a building’s water line. Some have advanced filtration systems to deliver higher quality drinking water and eliminate the need for bottled deliveries and waste.

They’re more expensive upfront than a bottled water cooler, but they reduce operational costs and eliminate the need for storage issues with replacement jugs. They also eliminate the need for costly recurring water delivery fees and can cut down on workplace expenses over time.

These systems are easy to set up and can be plugged into a standard power socket. Some have a small footprint that takes up very little room, making them perfect for office environments. Some can even be hidden behind cabinetry to keep a tidy appearance. These types of models should only be used for water, not other beverages, as the interior may develop a build-up of sugar or chemicals from other liquids.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution or just want to save money over the long term, bottleless filtered water coolers are a wise investment. The advanced filtration systems in these machines will provide your employees and guests with cleaner, safer, better tasting water than you could get in a disposable plastic bottle. Quench’s bottle-less dispensers also feature touchless capabilities to increase hygiene standards and UV sanitization in the tank that helps to keep bacteria from growing on dispensing surfaces.